1. Anonymous Blueprint

Anatomy of any inspiration, I’ll say, is keen observation. It’s amazing how a single frame can quantify the figurative value of a story. Let us weave that story in multiple narrative speeches. Owing to a valuable asset embedded in any observation, drawing a particular sense of positivity is not manipulative at all. What’s required to reach a decorous conclusion is an urge. An urge equal to the threshold of the will to survive.

Reciprocate any understanding you’ve had with a certain situation, you’ll have a better viewpoint. The aura of finding strength in somewhere where others least expect is a strength in itself.

A very precise decimation of motivational sustenance reveals that :

‘A failure is an effort when attempts never stop’

It’s easy to find the hindsight of a voice breaking away with each downfall, and, even more, easy to point out the mistakes. Ask for the alibi, and there you will find the will. A benign effort is always an effort after all. The passing clouds are that benine voices you should hear.

These floating white embers carry with them the blueprint of a happy life. Shattered, yet in sync. Broken and yet beautiful. Imperfect but important and silent until you need them. Something so minimalist as a water drop can create something so magnificent that nobody can deny its existence. This is what I call a definition. Of what? Of a universal effort to never stop.

Did you find the story? I guess you need to go out and look up.