Art of Outdoor Poetry

Baithak and Beyond

"Poetry encompasses everything" - Ankita singh, co-founder


This world has infinite ways to create a masterpiece and one of that way is how they all got created. Few things bring these people close which are friendship, joy, and love. But only one thing binds them together and that is poetry. Let's embrace their journey with them.

"all of us have a cathartic experience"- saad ahmed shaikh, co-founder

What is Baithak and Beyond?

What it is, is fairly simple to explain. It is a group of people who come together to share the joy of poetry. But what it can become has no simple answer. These people have unequivocal powers to control something great yet simple i.e human emotion. They know their words can entice other souls to get lured into poetry. 


Kala Kollective, Pune

This is one of the places where they host their event once every month. They have only one requirement for their location: ambience. Sometimes they move under open sky, sometimes in a garden and in this particular case a paid location in the city.


different roads yet one milestone

People come here from various backgrounds. Students, employees, engineers, poets, accountants and the list is long. When religion, caste, and the color is making differences to the outside world, here it strengthens their love for the poetry. Their identity is their words in here. And the only rule is to share. Sharing can be through reciting, appreciating or simply listening.


"There is a civilization in poetry also"- shahid khan, member 

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What they have to say? 

Watch this video that iterates their journey in their words.


"art should beget some sensational value"-  dhruv kalita, member


Fun is watching and learning

Baithak and Beyond is different because here you learn how to meet and mix with people of various mentality and ideology. Also, they are special because they teach you how to express yourself with words. And by teaching, they mean encouragement. They make you realize the importance of poetry by participating, expressing and evaluating with them.


Reward is applause and a cup of chai

Here, simplicity prevails till the end. These people know some deep secrets and one of them is how to enjoy your surrounding. There is no flabbergast cheering, gift or podium finish. You come here with your poem and you'll leave with an urge. The urge to participate in the next Baithak and Beyond session. There is the comfort of tea, natural breeze and some talented souls keeping you warm with their poetry. 


Enjoy few of their collections

"I get redemption in two lines only"-  Ankit singh, member


support is constant along with their bond

These people are not here just for the applause and words. They are a family where trust and friendship lead everyone. For them, relationship means laughing together, love means their bond and respect earns them the gift of expression. If they can't define the power of poetry then nobody will.


The founders

Baithak and Beyond was initially started by Ankita Singh and Saad Ahmed Shaikh of Wadia College, Pune. They first came up with this idea to bring together a group where they share their poetry, stories, and letters, and then engage in conversation, laughs and eventually end up making new friends. Now they are an ever growing tree that has grown new branches in the form of new members. 


And few more!!

"it gave that slight touch of professionalism"- Adwait mehta, member

What to learn from Baithak and Beyond?

Learning is an integral part of Baithak and Beyond. They are closest thing to saying 'restrictions are only for the weak'. Because here nothing holds the mind from reaching infinity and the heart from feeling it. There are so many open mic and stage poetry shows being held across the country but they are special.

Because they show you how to be special. They show that making mistake is an integral part of growing up and there is no shame in committing one. They teach you how to love the rain, the cold breeze and the sudden jolts of appreciation. They tell you, your creativity matters in this wide-open world. Most important, they make you find a home away from your home.



Simple!! their words will grab your heart and make you feel you belong with them and there. They know the magic to steal your stale face into a smile. Ask them what is the magic and they will tell you: just express yourself.


Baithak and Beyond is available on Facebook. They would love to hear from you

From the Author's note ~


Baithak and Beyond truly holds the potential to be the greatest community of poets and orators in India. Their beauty is how they prudently engage themselves in conversation and appreciating the work of others. It feels one can learn million different ways to show humanity and share the love from them. Being a community of growing members, they always make sure to take care of each other. Most important, creativity and culture receives limelight amidst them. This is something Global Culture Project always yearns for.

~ Owner