Bulgarian Guide to Indian Happiness

The story about the journey of a Bulgarian woman into the Indian society 




Time has brought humans closer and power, on the other, is breaking everything apart. This project is a small effort to bring back the joy in this torn apart world.

A Bulgarian woman living miles away from the land of Gods has a special connection with India. This is her journey into the Indian society and everyday life. India lives in her mind and few Indians, inside her heart.

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Iglika Georgieva

A 41-year-old woman living in the Bulgarian port city of Varna. Her bloodline is purely Bulgarian yet she found her forever family in India. Iglika has a Punjabi brother with his family in Chandigarh, a Rajput son whose family lives in Hyderabad and best friend from Mumbai. She has never met them in person yet this family means the world to her. Iglika has forever tied her Bulgarian soul with India. It is this Indian family that make sure she has a reason to live every day. She knows India better and deeper than many Indians. From oceans away, Iglika can see country aching for joy and peace. She witnesses the culture and society of both the countries and wants her Bulgarian roots to guide Indians towards happiness. The words below are a translation of her embellishment towards India.



One person pierced her heart so deep that it was enough to let souls from another country find serenity inside her.

What bonds you with this country?

It has changed my life since 2013. I was heartbroken by an Indian during that time. He planted the seed of Indian lifestyle inside me but never stayed back to see it grow. I grew sick and helpless after he left. My brother, whom I met along at the same time, mailed me Indian medicines and helped my spirit to revive. He was my savior back then and he is my savior today. Then I met my son and other friends as well. Eventually, friends and families of these people became my family as well. This bond is getting stronger with each passing day. Before these people, I knew India only for the movies. But now, I feel I live in this country among millions of other Indians. I have my parents and real brother back here in Bulgaria but I call my Indian family my home.


It takes a lifetime for someone to love what is not their's but it took her just one moment to find what's unseen

What should India learn from Bulgaria?

India has colors of life on one side but things are darker on the other. There is hardly any gender equality, child safety or respect for women. Awareness resides only among the pages and nobody cares to implement them. People should learn the values of being polite with others. Respect never lowers your status and Indian's don't understand this. They respect those whom they please to. They celebrate the festivals and then forget the compassion. Love and care can bring in peace, safety, and joy among all. Somehow it gets hard for them to share these with everyone else. There is an ardent need to teach Indian kids about sexual education and chronic ill-effect of social prejudices like dowry and superstition. Bulgarians are depressed and pessimists but we understand the importance of values. We cherish the Indian cultural vivacity. That is why it hurts more to witness when this beautiful land suffers from her own people.


Perfection is a rare bounty, ever rarer to share and she did it.

What is a successful India according to you?

India needs another Independence and this time, from what's holding them back. I want an India where people can live and not struggle to live. I cannot emphasize enough on the fact that India is the greatest country to live in and this country has some of the best people (few of them are my family) but Indian themselves have to realize this also. Success would be when liberal views are not hated, social prejudices are erased and law wins over religion. No country is perfect in this world but no country is special like India. I want each and every Indian to feel this with me. Indians know what to do to make things right but not taking enough measures to implement them.


 She is driven by the fire waiting to douse the darkness spread across the Indian society.

What is an impactful education in India?

Studying only to earn money after growing up is not education. A country with real educational values always knows what is good for them and what is not. Education has the power to successfully upbring a society. Indian educational system is flawed I feel. Children have good marks but hardly any ethics. I feel parents should be their first teacher, not school or tutors. Women education is hugely lacking in India. They should be made aware of their true power. Education is the only solution to poverty, rape problem, communal bloodshed and all the hatred among Indians.


She knows the trail and all she now wants is to show others how to follow.

How can Bulgaria teach India to respect women?

Respecting women should be inherent. We contribute as much as men do. In India, women are taught only to become mothers. Men can become soldiers, writers and players but women hardly can dream about becoming anything else. They are educated only to be married and raise a family. Here, equality leads our society but not in India. Sadly, most of these women raise their kids in the way they grew up. Bulgarian kids are always taught about these values of equality and respect in their school. I feel India should make concurrent changes as well. It is in the hands of a woman to nourish the future of a country by equal contribution.


India is one big home to her one big dismantled family.  

What is the impact of western culture in India?

I find Indian have lured themselves to the easy ones. Western culture is not all about movies, dress, and technologies. Bulgarian children are taught philosophy in their class, we learn to have an open state of mind and love other life forms. I feel this should also be an impact of western culture in India. Sexual desire is an inherent nature of a human and Indian should learn to deal with it like we all do. On the flip side India has impacted the world in ways Indians can't imagine. People are fascinated by Indian culture, cuisine, and their spirituality. I myself pray to Indian Gods even though I am a Christian.


She also has a religion and it teaches how to live and love.

How do you solve Hindu-Muslim problem in India?

Indians need to be Indian first. It is their own country, their culture and their people who are suffering. God exists in every country and inside each individual but I don't know why some Indians fight over it. Religion is too powerful in India, here it is laws. In Bulgaria, men are not allowed to practice polygamy, children cannot be beaten and no public display of bloodshed. We live by the rules and we are at peace with everyone. It is not that hard to greet people with a smile and be proud of your country.


Her goals were clear and her feelings for India, even clearer.

Where do you want to lead India?

India is truly a special country. It is so close to me I can't imagine my life without Indian influence. My family is my biggest inspiration that Indians are one of the nicest people on Earth. They have true spiritual power and can show you what is true love. I want every Indian to be like my family. I want every kid to be like my India son. I can only imagine the atrocities women and children go through in that country. I live alone in Bulgaria yet I always feel safe in here. I really want Indians to be proud of their country. My dream is to spend the rest of my life in India with my Indian family and educate Indians who are deprived of their soul.


Patriotism can never be taught and her love for India can never be broken.

What is the Indian version of being alive?

This is only why I fell in love with India.  It taught me how to live, love and forgive. Nobody but Indians know the secret of happiness, I feel. Amidst all that's shaking the holy land, these people always find a way to smile. There is darkness in every country. But nothing stops Indians from celebrating, sharing and spreading the small bits of love. Indians bring their country wherever they go because no other country can dig deeper into the roots of the emotional universe better than an Indian. India might be a developing country to the world but look inside them, you'll see a different picture.


From the Author's note

There are 195 countries in this world and Iglika found her tranquility in India. She is disturbed because she cares, she is speaking because she knows and she is connecting because she chooses. Her wits say memories are repairable with Indians and her smile says everything else. Her power believes in selfless love can change blemished time. Beauty can be forced, mistakes can be punished but a true heart can never be forged. Her dreams are clear as the spring water which is to live in India among her family and educate the underprivileged ones. 
She can be reached through 'Inquiry Form' in the Contribute column. She would love to get an opportunity to share her knowledge and kindness among her Indians. 



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