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Palawan is an archipelagic province located in the Philippines. There are places in this world where humans still keep a peaceful symbiotic relationship with nature. Palawan is a prime example of one such place. It is a place where Mother Earth is still in her pristine form and people still care for this world. An exclusive interview has revealed how these people have made it possible to keep their part of the world a Heaven teeming with life.

What is life there?

Green and Happy

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Mari Felices

Mari Felices has grown up in Taytay, Palawan in the Philippines. Her childhood is filled with memories of her beautiful island home, those clear blue water and engaging in communal cleaning activities of the place. She has graduated from Palawan State University and earned her Bachelor of Entrepreneurship. Presently she is working in Hong Kong as a governess. Mari dreams of opening her travel company in Taytay, Palawan. Her hobbies include poetry, photography, and singing. Mari mainly expresses herself with words. She is one of those great human beings alive who shows what's important on this Earth right now.

what's special about taytay, palawan?

the way we care for our environment

If you say Palawan, the first thing that comes to your mind is, El Nido, Coron, and Puerto Princesa City, because they are the famous places for their beautiful beaches and known as the tourist attraction. Sad to say this but most of the time, Taytay gets few visitors staying for only one night. Why? It’s because just to break up their journey from Puerto Princesa to El Nido. My hometown is only bypassed by most tourists because of the absence of organized tour guide or not enough information about the activities in my place.

What is Palawan?

Palawan is happiness and peace. Palawan is an unmatched beauty. It is a place far away from overcrowding, pollution, and material dissatisfaction. People give back as much as they receive from Mother Earth. There are well preserved natural resources and ancient history. Every sight feels like a flawless painting. There is a perfect balance between sustainable development and exploitation, something we need to learn.


what connects you with Palawan?

clean ambience

Palawan is the best place to live in, why?


Because Taytay, Palawan is a paradise still unexplored. This is a place where you'll witness what is natural beauty. Everything you need to survive co-exists in this beautiful balance of topography. People here have passed on the importance of their place for generations. Words are not enough to describe the incessant breeze of satisfaction, ecstasy, and calmness lurking in this part of our world. There are communities failing to preserve their environment, leading to a destructive chain of events. Palawan can pose a fine example to such communities.

Poblacion, Taytay, Palawan : Mari's hometown.


What is life there?

a lot more

What is there to do in Taytay?

Food is the best part of Palawan experience. There are delicious seafood, lobsters, crabs, shells, and fishes to die for. It is a haven for fresh and cheap seafood delight. Apart from food, there are activities that both thrilling and mesmerizing. Island-hopping, snorkeling, swimming in hidden lagoons, kayaking, Dolphin watching (in Malampaya) are some of the experiences you can have in this place. Then there are numerous waterfalls, caves, and beaches to visit and see the time fading in tardiness.


Underground Rivers of Puerto Princesa, Palawan is one of the 7 Wonders of Nature

What can Taytay teach this world?

happiness is cheap

How does Taytay care for the environment?


It's not that hard to care and love for our environment. It should start with the government officials. They run the country and they have the power to motivate their people towards anything, and here its conservation of nature. There are always few among the mass who act as a pest towards a positive ideology. Here in Taytay, this 'few' have engaged themselves in illegal logging and cutting, fishing by using dynamite, cyanide etc and other destructive methods. Thus in Palawan, there are sea patrols who look out for such crimes. The government takes strict care and initiatives to allow the people to realize their duties and responsibilities.

Attraction in Taytay: Fuerza de Santa Isabel (Taytay Fort)


Actually, it’s up to each of us to do our part to help to protect the environment. We can help in our own simple way. Any time you can reduce the amount of water you use, save on using gasoline, reduce the use of electricity, prevent items from going into landfills or save on natural resources, don’t waste food, try to segregate our waste and learn to practice how to recycle things. If we have enough space in our backyard, try to plant fruits tree and vegetables.
We can help to protect the environment in our important ways.

Every house should be responsible for their own garbage disposal. How?

"Tapat Ko, Linis Ko" campaign by Philippines government to ensure clean and green environment.

What are the differences between Palawan and rest of the world?

It is the differences that actually unite us all. There are various rituals, beliefs, traditions and customs in every community. But they all should have the similar motive to ensures a safe, clean and happy life. In Palawan, people from the young age are made to know the value of environment, cleanliness and their beautiful homeland. Every country is beautiful in their own way. But Palawan is the most beautiful place on this Earth one can ever dream to visit and settle in.


How do you feel when you see Taytay and other parts of Palawan?


Describe Palawan to those who have never heard of the place 


Taytay, Palawan is a very simple place. It is for people who want simple things to enjoy life with. There is everything here you need to find peace and have a satisfied and fulfilled life. Needs and desires of a man have very simple definitions out here. Nature has kept everything in sync. Here people are not hungry for power and money. Laws protect and restrict the consequence of human activity. There is greenery, ample food sources, clear blue water, magnificent landscape and seascape, and generous people that make this place complete in every way.

I loved photography. And nature is my favorite subject, and my own place has this kind of natural beauty. You know, if you’re in that kind of place, you can relax without minding anything, it’s like you have a peace of mind. You’re far away from trouble, crowded people, and polluted place. I only want a simple life. It is surrounded by nature and this is near to my family and it makes me happy. Happiness doesn’t have a price and nobody can buy it.


From the Author's note

Mari has witnessed nature is the purest form, something most of us only imagine. She has seen how simplicity has the power to maintain and sustain the very basic amenities required for survival. Her place Palawan is devoid of major pollution, crowd and devastation, all that has led to something very beautiful, called happiness. It is high time that we dig hard into protecting our nature and welcome anybody who can inspire. Mari has done the same to Global Culture Project and thus she can do the same to all.

~ Sourav

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