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  1. Learning Justified Thought


The oculus of our daily life is to make that night sleep a peaceful one. It starts somewhere when you start worrying for the square meal but ends, guess never! The urge to fit among the social elites make you never stay put at one junction. What begins as happiness inside the pocket eventually evolves to a race away from any applause.

Any pattern that yields you satisfaction become your habit. For some, that satisfaction merely includes their smile and for the rest, they did achieve Nirvana.

Exploring “How” is all personal attribute and thinking about “When” is again, trying to dig into individual pasts. What’ll save you some of your mind grinds is to find, Why does it matter?

Before pondering the Why, it is first important to know, Does it even matters? Go and ask a tea seller working overtime daily, and he’ll probably say yes. It doesn’t take a whole lot of grey matter to figure out the senses behind his optimism. And it ain’t any impromptu monetary liberation. In simple words, it is simplicity. I’ll tell he has learned the art of justified thoughts.

Now comes the part, Why is it important to learn this?

Let’s argue why it’s not and then probably both side of the coin will face the sunlight. The mind that runs throughout the day is no less different than a ticking clock. Apparently both make you independent in your sphere. Stop a clock and it’ll make you feel stuck in the past. Stop your mind and you’ll fear losing out. To be occupied with self and preoccupied with the life’s journey is the epitome of your strength. Had there been a hairline gap between what you can do and what you will do, it’ll just be a sand castle on a rainy day.

“You can never fortify a dream with eyes meant to dream in a fortified heart”

And what exactly is a justified thought?

Analysis of the nomenclature of the words is worthless. What it refers is as simple as driving to work daily. The route to your office takes you on the same patch of road (with occasional known diversions), the same number of stairs and probably similar traffic stops. Yet, every day is different. And how do you efficiently weave through this unpredicted regular travel? Perhaps, you cease to anticipate the unpredictive aspects of your journey. What matters, in the end, is waking up in time and returning back to home in one piece. Risk management becomes a priority along with controlling your independent mind.

But why justified thought, why not work hard and earn more?

This is where you learn to walk a road different from your herd. Work hard and earn more is a metaphor to just let you try hard and harder. And to add the word “persistent” before the try hard, you need justified thoughts. You might have heard ‘Money is not everything”. If not then what is? What is everything then? I dare you to answer this question within one line and still, there will be something more to add. Ask me and I’ll say, Everything is when your vision is a justified explanation to many more. That’s when you know you are planting seeds of the inspiration behind every corner you peek.

There is still one more unanswered question. That is, Why is it learn justified thoughts? Why not acquire or find?

Then I’ll ask you back, Is it really necessary to search for something in the open air that you can find inside yourself? Provide any kind of slant height, and the water will flow. Make a channel along the height and you get a streamlined flow. It now gives you the privilege to control the outcome. Learning to control gains you possibilities of endless successful probabilities. And to control your outcome, you’d need your ideations to be valid in your eyes. Barely it would be possible to render yourself if not it's you who decide what to choose and what to discard.

Now tell me,

What would you crown as a successful knowledge repository? Something you have build yourself or something that has built you?